Whether requiring standard off-the-shelf components, custom components, or complex sub-assemblies, PMR’s team will assist you in identifying and providing technical solutions for your project, and will exceed your support expectations through the life of the program.

3G’s product portfolio has evolved from application specific board shielding to also include enclosure shielding, microwave absorbers, and thermal solutions.

Conductive Gaskets for EMI Shielding and Environmental Sealing.

Standard and Custom (One-Piece, Two-Piece & Multizone) Shielding

Broadband & Narrowband RF Microwave Absorbers.

Thermally Conductive Pads for Thermal Management

In-house Machining & Form-in-Place Gasket Dispensing.

Advanced Interconnections is recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, technologically advanced interconnect solutions

• Standard and Custom Pin & Socket Interconnect Solutions
• BGA Socketing Systems
• Board-to-Board Connectors
• IC Sockets and Adapters
• Package Conversion Adapters
• Removable Terminal Carriers
• Terminals and Test Jacks

Cincon Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global supplier of switch mode power conversion products to the communications, computer, industrial, medical, consumer and lighting markets. They design and manufacture industry standard, RoHS compliant, DC-DC converters, AC-DC power supplies and LED power supplies.
Current offerings comprise over 3000 standard products including single & multiple output DC-DC converters from 1W to 750W , single & multiple output AC adapters from 5W to 150 W, open frame AC-DC power supplies from 5W to 700W and LED power supplies from 15W to 150W.

• DC/DC Converters
• High Power Densities
• 2:1 and 4:1 Inputs
• Single, dual & triple output
• Power levels from 1W to 600W
• AC/DC Power Supplies
• 5W to 1600W
• Universal Input, 85-264 VAC
• Open frame, encapsulated DIN rail
• PCB Mountable

World Class Provider of interconnect solutions for over 25 years and industry leader in filtered and sealed connectors

• Board to Board Interconnect Featuring DIN41617, Compact PCI and ATCA Interconnect
• Standard, High Density and Combo D-Subs with Water Sealed or Filtered features.
• IPC67 Industrial Ethernet RJ45 and USB Connectors in plastic, metalized plastic or full metal shells
• Sensor Actor Line (SAL) in M12, M8, and 7/8″
• A complete line of Hoods, Backshells, and Accessories

Electrocube is one of the most respected design manufacturers of passive electrical component products for a wide range of standard and custom applications – from aerospace and audio to elevators and heavy equipment – as a capacitor supplier, resistor-capacitor distributor, and more.

• High Temperature Film Capacitors
• Audio-optimized Film Capacitors
• Bishop Electronics film capacitors
• Resistor Capacitor Networks, RC circuit, RC filter
• Custom EMI Filters, Custom RFI Filters
• High Frequency Transformers
• Aluminum or Copper Foil, CTs, TRUs for aerospace industry

Integra Enclosures manufactures NEMA-rated enclosures for a variety of applications where sensitive electronics and components need protection from the elements. Integra has become a market leader by providing products that protect in the harshest of environments by utilizing the latest technologies, materials and designs.

StrongBox is a leader in Stainless Steel and Aluminum Enclosures for the irrigation and electrical distribution markets. StrongBox specializes in service pedestals, backflow and pump enclosures, and cabinets for DOT applications. Strongbox cabinets are designed for demanding NEMA 3R, 3SX, and 4X applications.

MERITEK is a producer of advanced circuit protection devices, passive components, semiconductors, and other printed circuit board (PCB) products serving the electronics manufacturing industry. Meritek offers component solutions for IoT, Industrial Controls, Infotainment, Security, Fire & Safety, Elevator Controls, HVAC, Automation, Automotive, Energy Management, Lighting, Power Supplies applications.

• Capacitors
• Resistors
• Discrete Components
• PPTC Resettable Fuses
• Inductors
• Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)
• Spark Gap
• Thermistor
• Frequency Control

Optoelectronic components, electronic assemblies and multi-chip microelectronic modules for the aerospace, space (radiation tolerant), military, industrial, and medical markets.

• High-reliability optocouplers
• LEDs & LED displays
• Hall Effect sensors
• Solid-state relays
• Solid-state power controllers
• Power operational amplifiers
• Optically isolated MOSFET switches

New England Wire Technologies provides custom wire and cable solutions for today’s most innovative companies.

• Multi-Conductor Cables
• Hybrid Cable Configurations
• Coaxial Cables
• Miniature and Micro-Miniature Coaxial Cables
• Litz Wire Types and Constructions
• NE-F1 Class F (155°C) Electrical Insulation System
• Multi-Conductor Cable for Extreme Temperatures
• Low Noise Cables
• Flat and Wide Braids
• Shielding Braids
• Custom Coil Cords
• Ultra Flexible Strands

OTTO designs and manufactures a full line of switches, grips, joysticks and operator controls for demanding applications.

• Control Switches, Grips & Joysticks
• Front and Rear Sealed Switches
• Pushbutton & Rocker Switches
• Rotary & Toggle Switches
• Hall Effect, Pendant & Limit Switches
• Transducer, Special Purpose & Custom Switches
• Proportional Output Thumbwheels
• Military Flight Control Grips
• Hall Effect & Industrial Joysticks
• Hall Effect Foot Pedals

Quabbin develops and manufactures cable for Commercial Data, Harsh Environments, Digital AV & Lighting, and General cable and wire use. They work with each customer to assist in the cable selection process and remain present to answer any questions along the way. 

• Harsh environment cable
• Harsh environment cable
• Digital A/V cable
• General purpose wire and cable
• Lighting control cable
• CAT 3-8 Data Cable

RF coaxial connectors, antennas, microwave components, fiber optic and multi-pin connectors

• Active Optics
• Antennas
• Multipin Aeropace Connectors
• Optical Cable Assemblies
• Optical Connectors
• Outdoor Connectors
• RF & Microwave Switches
• RF Cable Assemblies
• RF Coaxial Connectors
• Space Qualified Componets

Standex Electronics is a worldwide market leader in the design, development and manufacture of standard reed switch-based sensor solutions.

• Reed Switches
• Magnets
• Reed Relays & Opto-couplers
• Reed sensors
• Proximity sensors
• Liquid Level Sensors
• Hall Effect Sensor Assemblies

Display EMI/RFI Shielding, Optical Enhancement Coatings, Display Services

• Complete line of shielded filters designed to meet any shielding requirements ranging from low-level anti-static applications to Level 1 TEMPEST applications 

• Anti-Glare Coatings, Anti-Reflection Coatings, Contrast Enhancement Filters

• Protective Screens, Optical Bonding, Optical Heaters